Development (1 of 5)
Micropayment System with NFC
Java desktop application with NFC technology.
Integrasi Website
User interface using html, bootstrap, and javascript with animation.
Embedded development using Arduino, C# for backend, and html-css-javascript for front-end.
Development (2 of 5)
Stock of Groceries
Implementation of Knowledge Based System.
Transaction of Book Rental
Statistics of transaction of a book rental in Bandung.
Avoid the Bomb Game
A game made by javascript
Development (3 of 5)
Java Application. Using java swing.
Disaster Management System
User interface using html, bootstrap, and javascript.
Simple Blog (JSF)
Web-based application, using java servlet, ajax, bootstrap, and javascript.
Development (4 of 5)
Web Store
Web-based application using PHP.
Chat Program
Client-server application.
Find Jerry
Mobile-based application with Android Platform.
Development (5 of 5)
Simple Blog (PHP)
Web-based application, using PHP, ajax (without jQuery), and javascript.
Pocket Doctor
UI/UX design of application "Pocket Doctor".
Cram School Scheduling
Mock-up of user interface of cram school scheduling application.
Poster of Transaction of Book Rental
A poster version of Transaction of Book Rental.
Under Construction